Kleine Füße

The Kleine Füße (translated as Little Feet) day-care centre is located in Barmbek in a quiet residential area near Weidestraße, among numerous playgrounds and sports fields. In our bright rooms we look after both nursery and kindergarten children in two groups. One of our priorities is physical activity, preferably outdoors, which is why we often explore the area and visit one of the nearby playgrounds. Another part of our work is forest education. We spend a lot of time in the nearby Stadtpark (city park) or go to Volksdorf forest to experience nature there.


Kleine Füße

Imstedt 17
22083 Hamburg

Leitung: Josefa Bravo Ortega

Tel. (+49) 40 / 50 74 67 · 48

Fax. (+49) 40 / 50 74 67 · 50

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General information

Opening hours

  • Monday – Friday
  • 7.30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Individual appointments by prior arrangement
  • Flexible childcare times

Job vacancies

Gerne können Sie uns aber eine Initiativ-Bewerbung zukommen lassen.

Free places

We have free places in the kindergarten section with immediate effect.


Childcare provision

Our day-care centre offers places for children aged 1 to 6 years in a nursery and a kindergarten group.

All children who are new to the facility are helped in the process of settling in following evaluated acclimatisation models for day-care centres.

Educational offer

  • English lessons once a week with an external language teacher
  • Project days and weeks on topics that the children have co-determined, such as “forest”, “feelings”, “Essperten” (little eating experts) or “Hamburg”
  • The documentation and support of the children’s development takes place by means of the educational and learning stories. Every child has his or her own folder in which these stories are kept.
  • Experiments in the field of early childhood research and exploratory learning
  • On at least three days a week, we spend time at one of the many surrounding playgrounds.

We also go on excursions to the puppet theatre, the nearby Stadtpark (city park), the library, the weekly market and many other destinations.

The children are given a varied and healthy breakfast. Lunch consists of wholesome and predominantly organic food and is delivered by “De Köök”. Drinks, fruit and vegetables are available all day. Daily snacks in between round off the nutrition offer. We enjoy the communal spirit while eating and give the children time to help themselves to food and spread their own bread.

Cooperation with parents

  • Annual parental survey
  • Parents’ council
  • Parents’ evenings
  • Conversations at drop-off and pick-up time
  • Complaint management
  • Annual development meetings
  • Support offered by internal advisory team
  • Sitting in on groups
  • Activities by and with the parents


In May 2007, the day-care centre Kleine Füße was opened as the 16th facility of Stiftung Kindergärten Finkenau. The day-care centre is located in a multi-family residential structure on Imstedt 17, a quiet street parallel to Weidestraße. The building was renovated and designed to suit the needs of the children.

Day-care centre team

Qualified educators from a range of professions work at Finkenau’s facilities. Housekeeping and cleaning staff are also an integral part of the team. We are particularly committed to providing interns with qualified training.

Some teams receive additional support from volunteers or federal volunteers (“Bundesfreiwillige”).

Case discussions are held and pedagogical topics as well as conceptual and organisational matters discussed at the staff meetings that take place regularly. Our employees’ documentation and observation of the children’s development is an essential part of the work. All employees attend training courses on a regular basis.

Spatial layout

  • Four bright group rooms with two mezzanine play structures
  • “Rumpus room” with ball pit, cushions, mats and blankets for playing, etc.
  • Cosy reading area
  • Studio area for little artists, with a large blackboard and workbench
  • Building and construction corner with various wooden building block systems
  • Nursery group room with sleeping area

Appointments 2022

We always strive to keep news up-to-date, but binding statements and announcements as well as information on closing times are only available from the facility itself.