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Our objective is that the parents of the children entrusted to us feel at ease in our facilities. This is the only way that they can “let go” of their children and can pursue their tasks during care time. For this reason we have special offers for parents. We get them involved in certain day-to-day activities at the kindergartens and inform them at regular intervals about their children’s issues, evolutionary steps and experiences.

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Day-care centre voucher system

We are recognised as a non-profit foundation and as an independent youth welfare organisation. As such, we participate in the Hamburg day-care voucher system. This means that the costs for one of our day-care places are taken over in part by the Hamburg Authority for Labour, Social Affairs, Family and Integration (Hamburger Behörde für Arbeit, Soziales, Familie und Integration – BASFI). The parents or legal guardians are charged the remaining amount according to their income. In Hamburg, all children as from 12 months until they start school are entitled to a place at nursery or kindergarten. 25 hours per week of day-care are free of charge. You’ll find the applications here.

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Working with the parents

Parents’ contribution, exchange and project work (e.g. in the garden) are desired and important to us. Our kindergartens offer, for example, parents’ cafés, breakfasts for parents, parents’ evenings and annual development meetings. Our elected parent councils meet up regularly with the management and take part in team meetings. Parent surveys are conducted on a regular scale.

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Finkenau has been dealing intensively with the subject “Mental Health and Child Welfare”. It offers free counselling for its facilities’ children and their parents. This includes parent counselling, training for children and “Triple P” courses (Positive Parenting Programme). You can find further information about our counselling services here.

for companies & associations

Stiftung Kindergärten Finkenau has been growing continuously since 1975. We know what the ingredients are for a successful educational team to flourish. We are happy to advise you on all legal aspects regarding the refoundation or restructuring of your pedagogical facility. On the subject of reconciling family and career, we are happy to help you in the process of extending your offer to your staff.

We offer consulting …

  • in searching and selecting qualified staff.
  • in settling day-care vouchers.
  • in working out pedagogical concepts.
  • in introducing and implementing educational and learning stories.
  • to companies and welfare organisations about issues concerning different childcare options.
  • in planning and implementing intergenerational plans and projects.