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True to the maxim “Little ones make big things happen”, we take care of children from nursery age (from 8 – 12 months) to when they leave elementary school. We work according to a partially open concept and follow the Hamburg educational recommendations. We believe that exercise is essential for children to stay physically and mentally healthy. Exercise fosters development, provides flexibility and stimulates thinking. And it’s not just physically that our little ones make big things happen, but also with their creative ideas, their thirst for knowledge and urge for exploring. With their very own unique desires and aptitudes, they are their own person right from the start, and we want to accompany them in the process of growing and becoming independent. We attach great importance to language support and the inclusion of children with special needs in the process.

In our 31 facilities, approximately 540 employees take care of over 2,500 children.

In our diverse society, we stand up for democratic values and freedom of the individual inasmuch as the needs of the community are respected. We are politically unaffiliated and welcome all nationalities and people from different regions. Read more in this press release.

Currently we still have free places
in the elementary area of our facilities.

Find a facility near you

Abraxas EN

Stammannstraße 4
22303 Hamburg

Tel: (+49) 40 / 27 80 11 9

Alter Güterbahnhof EN

Alter Güterbahnhof 15a
22303 Hamburg

Tel: (+49) 40 / 60 29 88 · 82

Antje EN

Hugh-Greene-Weg 2
22529 Hamburg

Tel: (+49) 40 / 28 57 25 · 74

Baruhle 1 EN

Von-Essen-Straße 82-84
22081 Hamburg

Tel: (+49) 40 / 29 82 10 60



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DThe learning stories make your children’s learning and strengths visible and support the children in their development. You’ll find more information in the PDF file that can be downloaded here.

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