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Federal Volunteers

What does the Federal Volunteer Service mean for us at Finkenau?

The Federal Volunteer Service (Bundesfreiwilligendienst) is a proposition for women and men in Germany to give something back to the community outside the field of employment and school – in social, ecological and cultural areas, among others.

Some of Finkenau’s facilities are approved places of service for the Federal Volunteer Service. These facilities regularly engage federal volunteers in their everyday life at the day-care centres or at all-day care in schools. The volunteers give support in taking care of the children, accompany them on excursions, carry out their own ideas for activities if desired and help out in the housekeeping domain.

More information about the Federal Volunteer Service Paritätische Freiwilligendienste can be found here.

The following Finkenau facilities employ federal volunteers

  • Furtweg all-day education and support of children (Ganztägige Bildung und Bertreuung an Schulen – GBS)
  • Loki Schmidt all-day education and support of children (GBS)
  • Wilde Finken all-day education and support of children (GBS)
  • Meerweinstraße after-school care club
  • Kinderhaus Furtweg
  • Alter Güterbahnhof kindergarten
  • Eulennest kindergarten
  • Flohkiste 2 kindergarten
  • Frieberg kindergarten
  • Fuhlinge kindergarten
  • Hölderlinsallee kindergarten
  • Mucklas kindergarten
  • Sonnenschein kindergarten
  • Wurzelkinder nursery

If you are interested in doing your Federal Voluntary Service at one of Finkenau’s day-care centres or an all-day education and support / all-day school location (after-school care club), please get in touch with the

Head Office
Tel. (+49) 40 / 29 82 36 4 · 0

Volunteer Support

Our day-care centres and all-day education and support / all-day school locations are happy to have volunteers help out! Volunteers join us as reading mentors, as singers for singing projects or by providing general assistance in the daily routine of kindergartens or at all-day education and support.

The hours of service are arranged individually; volunteers come weekly or every fortnight, they support us over a long period of time or just for a limited period for one project.

Insurance coverage (accident and liability coverage) is provided; the volunteers usually receive meals while helping out at the facility and are also invited to take part in kindergarten celebrations; going on excursions is another possibility during working time.

If you enjoy working with children and would like to spend your free time in a meaningful way, please contact the

Head Office
Tel. (+49) 40 298234 · 0

We would be happy to find a suitable placement for you at one of Finkenau’s facilities.