The Finkis day-care centre is located in the Komponistenviertel (“composers’ quarter”) in Barmbek-Süd. We are a small, informal facility with six qualified educators. We are divided up into a nursery, a kindergarten and a Bridge Year group. There are numerous playgrounds and parks in the immediate vicinity, which we enjoy using and indeed do so nearly every day.

Our creed is – active contribution.

Our shared experiences and mutual learning with the children set the tone for our everyday life at the day-care centre. It is our educational goal that the children develop into independent and self-confident people. Our regular activities and projects are therefore geared towards the interests of the children. In addition, the fixed activities include morning circle, early music education and visits to the gym in Wandsbek.

The annual highlight is the four-day kindergarten trip. Together we drive to Hamburg’s urban fringe and spend the days there at a school expedition centre. We meet with parents and children at the day-care centre for crafting afternoons at least three times a year. We are convinced that a trusting relationship and good cooperation (parent work) between the parents/custodians and educators are significant for optimal development and support of the children.



Beim Alten Schützenhof 17-19
22083 Hamburg

Leitung: Hanna Hageleit

Tel. (+49) 40 / 33 46 79 010

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General information

Opening hours

  • Monday – Thursday 7.30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Friday 7.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Job vacancies

Gerne können Sie uns aber eine Initiativ-Bewerbung zukommen lassen.

Free places

We currently still have free elementary places at our kindergarten.


Childcare provision

Our day-care centre offers places for children aged 1 to 6 years in three groups (nursery, kindergarten and Bridge Year).

All children who are new to the facility are helped in the process of settling in following evaluated acclimatisation models for day-care centres.

Educational offer

  • Early musical education from an external music instructor on a weekly basis
  • Project days and weeks on specific topics, for example on “forest”, “school” and “the human”, in accordance with Hamburg’s educational recommendations
  • Project-oriented work in the Bridge Year group
  • The children’s development is monitored and documented with the help of educational and learning stories.

In addition to the varied breakfast, “De Köök” supplies us with mainly organic, wholesome and vegetarian lunches. Daily snacks in between round off the nutrition offer.

Cooperation with parents

  • Annual parental survey
  • Parents’ council
  • Parents’ evenings
  • Conversations at drop-off and pick-up time
  • Complaint management
  • Annual development meetings
  • Support offered by internal advisory team
  • Regular parent-children afternoon playing sessions
  • Summer party with the support of the parents
  • Flea markets
  • Easter and Christmas crafting activities for parents and children
  • Meetings with the parent representatives


The Finkis day-care centre was established in 1987, the second facility to be set up by the Foundation. One nursery and one kindergarten group were added in what were initially the office premises, and six years ago a Bridge Year group was included as well.

Day-care centre team

Qualified educators from a range of professions work at Finkenau’s facilities. Housekeeping and cleaning staff are also an integral part of the team. We are particularly committed to providing interns with qualified training.

Some teams receive additional support from volunteers or federal volunteers (“Bundesfreiwillige”).

Case discussions are held and pedagogical topics as well as conceptual and organisational matters discussed at the staff meetings that take place regularly. Our employees’ documentation and observation of the children’s development is an essential part of the work. All employees attend training courses on a regular basis.

Spatial layout

  • Two group rooms
  • Separate dining room
  • Separate sleeping area
  • A mezzanine play structure and cave that children enjoy exploring
  • The Bridge Year group has its own group room with various learning areas

Appointments 2022

We always strive to keep news up-to-date, but binding statements and announcements as well as information on closing times are only available from the facility itself.