The Kindertraum day-care centre is located on new, bright premises at the edge of the Jacobi Park in Eilbek, Hamburg. On 650 square metres, 80 kindergarten and nursery children have space to play and romp about. The children often use the large playground on the premises.



Papenstraße 148
22089 Hamburg

Leitung: Anja Brockmann

Tel. (+49) 40 / 25 89 28

Fax. (+49) 40 / 46 64 75 60
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General information

Opening hours

Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Flexible day-care times upon request

Job vacancies

Gerne können Sie uns aber eine Initiativ-Bewerbung zukommen lassen.

Free places

We currently still have places available in our daycare center. Please feel free to contact us.


Childcare provision

The childcare facilities offered by the Kindertraum day-care centre include three nurseries and two kindergarten groups. We look after children from when they are 8 to 12 months until they start school. We also offer places for children with early intervention needs.

All children who are new to the facility are helped in the process of settling in following evaluated acclimatisation models for day-care centres.

Educational offer

The day-care centre works according to a partially open concept, meaning there is a reference system for children in place and reliable group structures, especially at meal times and morning circle. The other activities take place cross-sectionally for all the groups. This leads to the double use and opening of the group rooms, i.e. the individual rooms are also theme-based spaces for nature, sensory experience or the performing arts, for example. This gives all the children the opportunity to take part in the activities.

In addition, the employees have assigned themselves to individual educational areas (body, physical activity, health, music, play, social behaviour, norms and values, communication and language, building, creative art, nature and experience of nature, ecology, science, mathematics, technology) in order to be both the contact person for colleagues and parents as well as to ensure that the respective educational areas are taken into account in day-to-day work.

In the last year before regular school enrolment, the children take part in the so-called Bridge Year. In a set group, the children have the chance to engage in adequate activities to explore the social environment, to research and experiment, etc. The documentation and support of the children’s development takes place by using the educational and learning stories.

The children are offered healthy, wholesome food as well as fresh food and drinks throughout the day.

Cooperation with parents

  • Regular parents’ evenings in the individual groups
  • Parents’ council
  • Annual development meetings
  • Conversations at drop-off and pick-up time
  • Complaint management
  • Support offered by internal advisory team


The Kindertraum day-care centre has been in existence for 41 years and has now been one of the Finkenau facilities since January 2017. Until 2019 approx. 20 children were looked after in a small location in the inner-city street Hirschgraben in Eilbek. In spring 2019, the move to today’s premises at the edge of the Jacobi Park took place. Now the day-care centre offers 80 places for children in the nursery and kindergarten sections.

Day-care centre team

Qualified educators from a range of professions work at Finkenau’s facilities. Housekeeping and cleaning staff are also an integral part of the team. We are particularly committed to providing interns with qualified training.

Some teams receive additional support from volunteers or federal volunteers (“Bundesfreiwillige”).

Case discussions are held and pedagogical topics as well as conceptual and organisational matters discussed at the staff meetings that take place regularly. Our employees’ documentation and observation of the children’s development is an essential part of the work. All employees attend training courses on a regular basis.

Spatial layout

The day-care centre, completed in 2019, offers lots of space for the children’s activities in a new building comprising 650 square metres.


  • Five bright and spacious group rooms with individual thematic priorities and learning areas
  • Studio and creative area
  • Building room
  • Theatre workshop
  • Activity rooms
  • Relaxation and reading room
  • Sleeping areas in the nursery
  • Halls for romping about
  • Several children’s lavatories with changing facilities

Outdoor grounds:

  • Large playground with plants
  • Swings, seesaws, …

Appointments 2022

We always strive to keep news up-to-date, but binding statements and announcements as well as information on closing times are only available from the facility itself.