Sonnenschein 2



The Sonnenschein 2 day-care centre is located in a new building complex directly by the Rothenburgsort market square. We look after children with and without special needs from 9 months to 6 years. We live and experience cultural diversity with a large number of children from different countries. As a “language day-care centre”, language education, including pedagogy and cooperation with families, is an elementary component of our work. Physical activity and health of the children are equally important to us, meaning that we regularly explore the Sachsenwald forest and the Elbe landscape in the district.


Sonnenschein 2

Lindleystraße 2
20539 Hamburg

Leitung: Inga Boljen

Tel. (+49) 40 / 33 46 79 260

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General information

Opening hours

  • Monday – Friday
  • 6.45 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Flexible day-care times upon request
  • Visits by prior arrangement

Job vacancies

Gerne können Sie uns aber eine Initiativ-Bewerbung zukommen lassen.


Childcare provision

  • One nursery group (9 months to 3 years)
  • Two kindergarten groups (3–6 years)
  • Bridge Year group (preschool/5–6 years)
  • Early intervention places for children with special needs

As an integral part of our work, we offer intensified language support and remedial education as well as occupational therapy, speech therapy and physiotherapy if required.

All children who are new to the facility are helped in the process of settling in following evaluated acclimatisation models for day-care centres.

Educational offer

Our day-care centre is attended by a large number of children from different countries and cultures. We experience this as a source of cultural enrichment that we nourish in our pedagogical work every day. The children in our day-care centre get to know other languages and cultures and grow up tolerantly towards “being different”.

Our pedagogical work is based on the Hamburg educational recommendations, and we cover a wide range of learning areas with our activities, such as:

  • Physical activity as the foundation of development
  • Arts and crafts
  • Numbers land
  • Early musical education
  • Cooking and baking
  • Health and good nutrition
  • Research and experiments

The children’s interests and themes are the foundation here, meaning that there are always new, exciting projects that the children play a part in planning, creating and implementing.

The children’s development is monitored and documented with the help of educational and learning stories.

We cooperate with the nursing home opposite, which is part of Pflegeheim Hamburg, and regularly carry out joint activities: gymnastics group, singing group, creative circle, rhythm group

Recurring projects

  • Forest weeks
  • Research weeks [PDF]
  • Colour weeks
  • Perception weeks
  • Intercultural weeks
  • Toy-free time
  • Road safety education
  • Dental health projects
  • Overnight stay at the day-care centre
  • “My district and I”
  • “All about the body”
  • “Hamburg explorer” days
  • Excursions to the library, children’s theatre, museums, large kitchen, Planten un Blomen park, airport, etc.
  • Various festivals, for example carnival, summer party, autumn celebration, lantern walk, Advent café, etc.

Exercise is a major priority for us, as the children learn to recognise and understand the relationship between cause and effect in being physically active. We see every child as unique and encourage the process of the child developing individually at his or her own pace.

Cooperation with parents

  • Participation in planning and carrying out celebrations/projects (for example intercultural week, multilingual storytelling)
  • Help with the semi-annual Donation Days as part of the sponsorship provided by the Budnikowsky drugstore chain
  • Scheduled sitting in on classes by parents
  • Annual parental survey
  • Parents’ council
  • Parents’ evenings
  • Conversations at drop-off and pick-up time
  • Complaint management
  • Annual development meetings
  • Support offered by internal advisory team


The Sonnenschein 2 day-care centre was opened in December 2011 as a further facility of Stiftung Kindergärten Finkenau and is located in the new building complex directly at the Rothenburgsort market square.

A wealth of playgrounds, Entenwerder Park and the Elbe river with its scenic setting are all close by and can easily be reached on foot.

Day-care centre team

Qualified educators from a range of professions work at Finkenau’s facilities. Housekeeping and cleaning staff are also an integral part of the team. We are particularly committed to providing interns with qualified training.

Some teams receive additional support from volunteers or federal volunteers (“Bundesfreiwillige”).

Case discussions are held and pedagogical topics as well as conceptual and organisational matters discussed at the staff meetings that take place regularly. Our employees’ documentation and observation of the children’s development is an essential part of the work. All employees attend training courses on a regular basis.

Spatial layout

  • Two group rooms, each with a sliding door as room partitioner
  • One nursery room with separate sleeping area
  • Two washrooms with child-height toilets and bathtub
  • Dining and kitchen area

Appointments 2022

We always strive to keep news up-to-date, but binding statements and announcements as well as information on closing times are only available from the facility itself.