Zapperlott (day-care centre)



The Zapperlott day-care centre is located in the heart of the St. Pauli district. The kindergarten section with a “nest group” is located in an old villa, the Zapperlott nursery is a three-minute walk away. We have places for children with and without early intervention needs.


Zapperlott (day-care centre)

Simon-von-Utrecht-Straße 83
20359 Hamburg

Leitung: Gisa Blunck

Tel. (+49) 40 / 33 46 79 090

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General information

Opening hours

  • Monday – Friday
  • 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Visits by prior arrangement

Job vacancies

Gerne können Sie uns aber eine Initiativ-Bewerbung zukommen lassen.


Childcare provision

We look after children aged 1 to 6 years with and without early intervention needs. The kindergarten and the Zapperlott nursery (three minutes’ walk away) work very closely together. In doing so, the nursery children can learn from the older ones as role models.

All children who are new to the facility are helped in the process of settling in following evaluated acclimatisation models for day-care centres.

We offer language support groups and psychomotor support on a continuous scale. We work closely with speech therapists and occupational therapists who come to our day-care centre regularly to help in the process of early intervention.

In addition, our preschool or Bridge Year group meets up consistently several days a week.

Educational offer

We routinely offer opportunities to be physically active: in the yard with old trees, in the “rumpus room” or several times a week in the gym. The children can play with existing toys or build new ones themselves. Boards, sticks, tyres and ropes serve to create slides, balancing courses and seesaws.

In planning our educational work, it is especially important to us that the interests and needs of the children are taken into account. Their active contribution is also important. In the daily morning circles we include these interests and give the children the opportunity to help shape the morning circles. We work openly and in response to specific situations. In doing so, we always keep our sights on the strengths of the respective child.

Our goal is to impart the experience of self-empowerment to the children. We want to enable the children to do what they can within their abilities to boldly stand up for their interests and needs.

We explore the district on a regular scale, placing emphasis on road safety education in the process.

The following activities take place regularly

  • Bridge Year (preschool)
  • Overnight stay
  • Day-care trip

We also offer the children excursions that are appropriate to their age and interests, e.g. zoo, miniature wonderland, boat rides, canoeing, Planten un Blomen park.

We accompany and document the development of the children with educational and learning stories.

The “Forrest Cook” caterer delivers the tasty and wholesome food.

Cooperation with parents

  • Annual parental survey
  • Parents’ council
  • Parents’ (crafting) evenings
  • Conversations at drop-off and pick-up time
  • Complaint management
  • Annual development meetings
  • Support offered by internal advisory team
  • Individual informational sessions
  • Opportunity to sit in on groups


The Zapperlott day-care centre (formerly “Buntes Leben” day-care centre) was taken on in 1995 as Stiftung Kindergärten Finkenau’s ninth facility. Before that, the day-care centre was run by the Catholic Church as the “Salve Regina” day-care centre.

Day-care centre team

Qualified educators from a range of professions work at Finkenau’s facilities. Housekeeping and cleaning staff are also an integral part of the team. We are particularly committed to providing interns with qualified training.

Some teams receive additional support from volunteers or federal volunteers (“Bundesfreiwillige”).

Case discussions are held and pedagogical topics as well as conceptual and organisational matters discussed at the staff meetings that take place regularly. Our employees’ documentation and observation of the children’s development is an essential part of the work. All employees attend training courses on a regular basis.

Spatial layout

Learning rooms

  • Studio
  • Building room
  • Reading corner
  • Activity room
  • Spacious sanitary rooms that invite children to experiment with water
  • Learning workshop for the Bridge Year children

The Zapperlott day-care centre is located in an old villa and has its own outdoor area with old trees.

Appointments 2022

We always strive to keep news up-to-date, but binding statements and announcements as well as information on closing times are only available from the facility itself.